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Ripl Labs is a Technology Company that is Developing the Future of Headphones and Gaming Headsets.


Ripl One:
the World's First Subwoofer for Headphones

We love the feeling of bass - at home, in the car and at the club. But when we looked for headphones that delivered a similar feeling, we couldn't find any. That's because today's headphones still function the same as when they were invented in 1891 - they only play audio into the ears.

So in 2019, we developed Ripl One, an evolutionary enhancement to headphones - the world's first haptic subwoofer accessory. 

Ripl One subwoofer accessory


the World's First Sound Therapy Headphones

Sound therapy is a safe, all natural, proven treatment for many conditions such as pain, sleep, anxiety, dementia and Parkinson's. Theraphones will be the first wearable sound therapy system that delivers the benefits of music and vibrations directly to the brain.


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Theraphones Pro concept image


Ripl FX1 Pro G:
the World's First Surround Sound Gaming Headset

In order to experience the full benefits of surround sound, you need a subwoofer. With FX1 Pro G, you can fully immerse yourself in the action through the first gaming headset with a subwoofer.  

Ripl FX1 Pro G concept image

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